Ultra Molly User Report

Picked up some “Ultra Molly” from a head shop in Fl. and it claims to be a successor of the old Molly’s plant food that my group of friends loved. Was kind of skeptical at first because all the good blends got banned in Florida, but after looking around online I saw it was pretty legit. The packaging was similar, but definitely different, so I’m assuming a new company took over when creating Ultra Molly. I’m not gonna bore you with detail after detail of every little change in feelings, but I will give a brief overview. Basically this shit was like rolling balls for a good 6 hours with a strong urge to clench. Felt exactly like the beans I used to eat back in my clubbing days, and besides a little upset stomach at the beginning(probably should have eaten something) it was fucking amazing. I’m so stoked they finally got a good 50 state legal blend, because I had about given up hope.

Do you know: how long does molly stay in your system

Ultra Molly Agin

Ok, so, I was at this rave in central Florida and a buddy of mine comes up with these capsules that he said was like this shit called Ultra Molly. I kinda knew what Molly’s plant food was, but had never tried it. I was very skeptical but he had already taken his and it appeared that he was rolling like an 18 wheeler so I took the chance and downed that mofo, and damn am I glad I did. I don’t think I have ever danced so much in my entire life, with my shirt probably weighing 10 pounds from the sweat when the show finally finished. The roll lasted through the night and I had a little hard time sleeping, but it wasn’t too big a deal because me and all my homies were just laxin on the couch taking bong rips listening to some fire dubstep. Ya know, having that easy come down. All I can say is that Ultra Molly shit is fun as hell, especially at a club. Just make sure and drink tons of water, I think I must have spent like 40 bucks on water alone.