The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule was born in 1940s America and has ever since been one of the most popular vodka based cocktails.

There are many stories about how the drink came to be created but in essence it seems that three friends were having a drink together. One friend was John A Morgan owner of Cock ‘n’ Bull Products and purveyor of ginger beer, whilst the other two were John G Martin and Rudolph Kunett of GF Heublein Brothers Inc, importers of Smirnoff vodka. The friends decided to find out what would happen if their products were mixed together and the Moscow Mule was created.

The Moscow Mule gets its name from the use of vodka (hence Moscow) and the kick that the drink can give. The Moscow Mule though can also be a refreshing drink and is often drunk as one takes in the last remnants of the sun on a hot day.

-Ingredients for a Moscow Mule (one serving)

1 fluid ounce of fresh lime juice

2 fluid ounces of vodka

4 to 8 fluid ounces of ginger beer

The traditionalist will call for the Moscow Mule to be served in a copper mug; but relatively few people will have copper mugs hanging around. As a result the Moscow Mule is also served in a highball or Collins glass.

The Moscow Mule is created by squeeze the juice of a fresh lime into the glass. Then two or three ice cubes are added. The vodka is then poured in; there is no obligation to make use of Smirnoff vodka, although of course the original recipe did make use of it. Then cold ginger beer is added; the amount of ginger beer is down to taste.

The Moscow Mule is served with a stirring rod so that the ingredients can be gently mixed together, and the drink is then garnished with a slice of lime.

There are many variations on the Moscow Mule that can be made including the Mississippi Mule (made from gin) and the Kentucky Mule (made from bourbon), but the original Moscow Mule has remained the most popular of all Mule drinks.