Have You Investigated Causes and Cures for Lower Left Abdominal Pain? Read Here.

The number of sufferers of abdominal pain is increasing day by day with a continuous rise in population as it is a common ailment seen in most of the people. Among all illnesses and injuries pain accounts 20% in US. The treatment for the pain must be started in the early stages to alleviate the pain. If it is left untreated for long then the condition becomes chronic and irritates people day and night.

When any pain starts occurring more frequently and gets stimulated even by small movement then it is termed as chronic. This type lasts for several months. Chronic backache hinders your energy to perform daily tasks and also causes extreme discomfort. There are several causes for such type of chronic problems. Below I have listed some of them.

The pain on the lower left abdomen is mainly caused due to wrong standing posture. When you stand the entire weight of the body falls on your foot and puts pressure on your abdomen. The pressure on this area will increase to balance standing due to incorrect standing posture. It is extremely harmful if you slouch while standing as you abdomen can bear weight and balance it if the curvature is less.

You can improve your posture by clasping your hands behind your lower abdomen while putting equal weight on both feet. The posture of shoulders, neck and back thus improves. Another cause for this pain is wrong sitting posture and sitting in a same place for long in same position. If you slouch while sitting your muscles will experience tension and pressure. So always keep your back straight while sitting.

If you sit at a place in same position for long then it will exert intense pressure on your back and shoulders and reduces blood supply. You must change your sitting position frequently to avoid this and going for small walk is also advised. This restores the blood circulation and will reduce the tension.

A cause that results in abdominal pain which can be dangerous is lifting heavy objects. If you miss balance when excess strain is exerted on your back then your back disc supporting the vertebrae may slip. Slipped disc is the term given to this condition. You have to first pull in your stomach muscles, keep your back straight, bend your knees, hold the object properly and then lift your body up before lifting any heavy object. These will undue strain on your abdomen.