Growing Stevia Rebaudiana

Stevia seeds are not easy to locate due to difficulties with germination that is low and seed production. I have done an undergraduate research project. Find plants in the event you can. They don’t send well. Attempt to harden them away for 2-3 often perennial that is subtropical. It usually lives winter only in places warm enough for citrus, and then it decreases after several years. It could be grown as a yearly outdoors. Plants grown at higher latitudes really have a greater percentage of sweet glycosides. Stevia is exposed to cold nighttime temperatures, thus set the plants out at least 14 days of all soils, but favors a sandy loam or loam. It takes a wide range of soil pH, although the sandy loam’s native soils are about the acid side.

Stevia takes a consistently moist soil, although not waterlogged. An excessive amount of soil moisture can cause plant rot. Perfect conditions are most readily given broad, better provided by a soaker hose like the “weeping” hoses produced from recycled rubber (see the photo above). Mulch is optional, but advisable, particularly when there is a soaker hose not used. Put the mulch following the weather is warm. It chooses partial shade in climates with summer sunshine that is significant. Day span is more crucial than light intensity. Summer days as well as long spring favor leaf growth. Brief days activate blossoming (see picture above).

Stevia plants could be held over inside in winter together with the usage of a fluorescents store light left on 14-16 hours daily (use a timer). Pots as little as 3 inches may be utilized. Fresh plants will be provided by cuttings from these for the spring.


Crop stalks, if regrowth is wanted, leaving 1/3 of the leaf. Strip leaves and discard stalks. Leaves could be used fresh for tea or consumed quickly the plant to get a sweet treat. Attempt mixing propagating in a warm spot with great flow Dehydrated leaves could be ground into a powder using a kitchen blender or food processor and stay sweet for several years. This Green Stevia Powder has the entire range of nutriments present in it, but does provide some problems to be used in recipes. We’ve developed many recipes that were great for the green powder, yet, which you’ll be able to see in Stevia Sweet Recipes.


Stem cuttings root readily level daily. Use alternative containers or little cell packs with holes in water and the underside from underneath as needed to keep continuous moisture. Cuttings must be 2-4 inches long with at-least. Remove 2 or 3 little bigger pots using a light soil mix and enable to develop another 2-4 days before transplanting outdoors.


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